Solutions built just for you.

Summit Valuation Solutions offers strategic, made-to-order valuation services to meet the unique goals, and objectives of our clients.

That’s why banks, servicers and investors trust us with their valuation needs.

Exactly What You Need—Fast

You need more than raw information. Our customized valuation reports provide the necessary level of detail your risk mitigation strategy requires. And we produce them quickly and reliably.

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High Touch and High Tech

Summit Valuation Solutions leverages the best industry experts and backs them with technology to provide quality valuations and a customer experience that is second to none.

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Valuation Services
and Reconciliation Reports
Our desktop valuations and reconciliation reports assess every data element to determine a property’s value.
BPOs, Evaluations and
Desktop Commercial Analyses
Choose from our unrivaled residential BPOs, interagency compliant evaluations, and commercial property analysis reports that merge industry experts with technology.
Property Inspections Our residential and commercial property inspections provide a property condition assessment when a value is not required.
Custom Solutions Get customized reports, quality assurance tools, data analysis, and more.
"The SVR product has it all. We have seen various components in other products but not all configured in one deliverable as you have. We have shifted our business from your two major competitors to give you the majority of our orders." – Michele – Hedge Fund
"Working with Summit has been the best valuation experience we have ever had…." – William – American Investment Management Firm