Our Solutions

Flexible Valuation Solutions are at the Core of Summit Valuation Solutions' Services.

In an industry where regulations and processes rapidly change, Summit Valuation Solutions is able to adapt to new ideas and solutions, thereby producing unique post-closing solutions for its clients.

Plus, all services are offered with a personal touch. At Summit, we strive to do things one way - your way.

Alternative Valuation Solutions

When it comes to valuations, one-size-fits-all is not a viable option. That’s why a growing number of Wall Street Firms. REIT’s, and other investment firms on the buy and sell side as well as regional banks, credit unions, servicers are turning to Summit Valuation Solutions for their unique valuation needs.

Our client validated proprietary technology solutions allow for unparalleled accuracy and delivery efficiency for all post-closing solutions.

BPOs & Evaluations

Summit Valuation Solutions offers full interior and exterior residential BPOs and commercial BOVs completed by our national network of local agents. Our thorough accreditation process ensures each agent has an active license, current E&O insurance, and a consistent record of quality work.

BPO and BOV reports can be customized and delivered securely in PDF, XLS, CSV, or XML format.

Reconciliations & Property Inspections

Our unique Summit Validation Report (SVR) is a desktop valuation that can be used with a current site inspection or as a report that reconciles multiple valuations.

Popular with investors and services in the capital markets sector, the SVR blends our quality assurance expertise, proprietary tools, and multiple data sources to arrive at the most likely fair market value of the subject property.

Custom Solutions

We understand no two clients are alike, which is why we are experts at customizing valuations. Through our technology partner, we're able to implement any number of custom solutions to fit your exact requirements.

  • Customized reports
  • Client-specific data fields
  • Data warehouse integrations
  • Custom desktop quality assurance tools

At Summit, we strive to do things one way - your way.

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