Our Team


Summit Valuations consists of talented people who have helped to make Summit what it is today.

Ron Ahlensdorf Jr.



Mr. Ahlensdorf serves as President of Summit Valuations, where he is responsible for strategic partnerships, product development and revenue growth. Mr. Ahlensdorf has over 17 years of relevant industry experience, a track record of execution, and a hands-on approach to tailoring client needs with products, which has earned him the highest respect in the industry. Mr. Ahlensdorf is a proactive leader, skilled in the arts of client relationship building and negotiation. He is able to facilitate a team approach to achieve organizational objectives, increase productivity and enhance employee morale. His strategic thinking, knowledge and experience will successfully lead Summit to continued growth and profitability. Previously, Mr. Ahlensdorf served as Vice President of Business Development for Summit Valuations, where he capitalized on his skills to spot new business opportunities and manage all aspects of daily business operations with a high level of integrity. He left to pursue other opportunities but was recruited back in 2013 to lead the company as president. Prior to joining Summit Valuations, Mr. Ahlensdorf served as National Sales Vice President for Pro-Teck Services, a firm that provides national collateral valuation services to the mortgage industry.



Chief Valuation Officer

Mark Melikian serves as Chief Valuation Officer at Summit Valuations where he oversees the performance and training of the Quality Assurance team, product development, and is the valuation expert representing Summit Valuations. Mr. Melikian’s focus on team building in a collaborative and positive environment and his objective and comprehensive approach to valuation analysis have proven instrumental to his success. Mr. Melikian has been appraising real estate since 1987 and has been active in nationwide valuation services since 2005. He has successfully led teams of analysts, developed valuation services to meet client needs and represented buyers and sellers in secondary market loan tie out meetings. Much of his recent experience has focused on forensic reviews of REO properties for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This work has given him a unique insight to risk factors, beyond value, that impact a property’s likelihood of going into foreclosure. Mr. Melikian holds a B.S. in Business Administration from San Diego State University.


Director of Operations/Technical Liaison

Ray Hernandez serves as Director of Operations/Technical Liaison at Summit Valuations where he oversees day to day operations as well as all things technical to ensure our business operates at peak effectiveness each day.  Working closely with clients, vendors, staff and management, he provides HR leadership, strategic planning and operational results.  Mr. Hernandez joined the company in 2007 and has been a critical element in the achievement of Summit’s overall mission of ensuring consistent, on-time delivery of quality valuations.  Mr. Hernandez’s skills include complex problem solving, effective personnel management and troubleshooting.  Formerly, Mr. Hernandez worked in insurance sales as an agent for UEG.



Director of Quality Assurance

Abel Rodriguez serves as Director of Quality Assurance at Summit Valuations. His duties include overseeing and training the QA team, ensuring quality and accurate valuations are provided to clients, and providing solutions to clients and brokers when challenging valuation situations arise. Mr. Rodriguez joined the company in 2010 and has been key in the achievement of Summit’s overall mission of ensuring consistent, on-time delivery of quality valuations. Mr. Rodriguez’s skills include nationwide real estate valuation, complex problem solving, helping to develop processes, product development, training of new and existing employees, and job scheduling. Formerly, Mr. Rodriguez worked as a real estate paralegal and Title Insurance manager.

Connie Tripple - Director of Customer Experience


Director of Customer Experience
Mrs. Tripple serves as Director of Customer Experience for Summit Valuations where she oversees day-to-day company operations, strategic business planning, support and training. Mrs. Tripple joined Summit in 2007 as Director of Operations and from the beginning, has been instrumental in coordinating the seamless flow between technology, product, vendor relations, quality assurance and client services. Mrs. Tripple has over 15 years experience in the mortgage industry and has been a licensed broker for 12 years.


Business Development Manager

Randy W. Gregorek brings 35 years mortgage insurance and default mortgage servicing experience to Summit Valuations. He has extensive background in risk assessment, appraisal/valuation review, quality assurance, claims review, REO marketing & sales, account management, vendor relations, and valuation product sales skills. Mr. Gregorek also has an extensive background in real estate sales and has served the State of Wisconsin as a Real Estate Broker since 1987. Since 1999, he has been an active member of the board and is currently serving as the chairman of the City of Oak Creek – Board of Zoning Appeals.In his current position, Mr. Gregorek works directly with the CEO to promote one of the premier Valuations & Collateral Review Solution providers in the marketplace today with its nationwide service for Real Estate Collateral Valuation, extensive selection of Residential & Commercial BPO & Appraisal solutions, Collateral Data Analytics, Automated Appraisal Review Technology, streamlined Desk Review/Value Validation solutions, as well as various Residential & Commercial Property Inspection options all customized to meet the client’s specific needs. Previously, Mr. Gregorek served as Real Estate Acquisition and Marketing Administrator for MGIC,where he was responsible for identifying acquisition properties and developing marketing strategies (list prices, repairs, resolution of title issues, and final claim settlements) to best facilitate property sales while mitigating MGIC’s claim losses. He joined MGIC in 1982.